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Open Calls

Auditions for THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG will be held Tuesday, February 20, at 6pm and Wednesday, February 21, at 6pm. Details are below. Please fill out the following information to schedule your audition.

Auditions for the premiere of the play BRIDGE will be held Sunday, March 10 at 2pm and Monday, March 11 at 7pm. Details are below. Please fill out the following information to schedule your audition.


Please fill out the following information to schedule your audition.


AUDITIONS: Tuesday, February 20, at 6pm and Wednesday, February 21, at 6pm

PERFORMANCES: April 19-21 & 25-28, 2024

DIRECTOR: René Staub


This will be a cold read.  Be prepared to read with a typical British accent.

Note: Everything in the show must be played for truth and not for laughs or parody. The characters are performing a serious play and it is important to them that it goes well, so when it goes wrong… it hurts.

ABOUT THE PLAY: From Mischief, Broadway masters of comedy, comes this smash hit farce. Welcome to opening night of the Cornley University Drama Society’s newest production, The Murder at Haversham Manor, where things are quickly going from bad to utterly disastrous. This 1920s whodunit has everything you never wanted in a show—an unconscious leading lady, a corpse that can’t play dead, and actors who trip over everything (including their lines). Nevertheless, the accident-prone thespians battle against all odds to make it through to their final curtain call, with hilarious consequences! Part Monty Python, part Sherlock Holmes, this Olivier Award–winning comedy is a global phenomenon that’s guaranteed to leave you aching with laughter!

The Play That Goes Wrong is a physically demanding show.  Actors considering auditioning for this production should be in good physical shape. Most roles will require varying amounts of crawling, climbing up and down a ladder, lifting, running, and/or falling. There is also a sword fight and some hand-to-hand combat.

ACCENTS:  All roles will have an RP (Typical British) accent except for Annie and Trevor who have an American accent.


Age ranges for characters are flexible (18+) and will depend upon groupings and pairings found through auditions.

CHRIS (The “director’ of the show and head of the drama society – also plays Inspector Carter). A first-time director but a fairly decent actor if maybe a little melodramatic. Maybe he’s been in a Shakespeare play once. He tries his best to keep the show on track while gritting his teeth at the ineptness which surrounds him. 

JONATHAN (Plays Charles Haversham, deceased). Poor guy. He’s been cast as a corpse but has trouble playing dead. Don’t worry – he actually has some lines as the play progresses. 

SANDRA (Plays Florence, the fiancé of the deceased who is having a secret affair with his brother). She is the company’s leading lady; a bit of a diva who thinks she’s more talented than she really is.

MAX (Plays Cecil, brother of the deceased, who is having a secret affair with Florence – also plays Arthur the gardener in Act II). This role is fairly open to interpretation. Is he the company’s typical male ingenue? Their go-to character actor? A bit of a ham who likes applause?

ROBERT (Plays Thomas, the deceased best friend and Florence’s brother). This is the sort of actor who always gets cast as the ‘best friend’ or ‘brother.’ Earnest and optimistic, he always believes the show is going much more smoothly than it really is. Note: The actor cast in this role will need to be comfortable performing on a seven-foot-high platform with no railing.

DENNIS (Plays Perkins the butler) Probably the worst actor of the bunch. Has difficulty pronouncing big words and has to write a cheat sheet on his sleeve. 

ANNIE (The company’s stage manager). Generally able to solve problems quickly. When she has to substitute as the leading lady, she goes from nervous to confident to downright competitive. She has an American accent.

TREVOR (The sound tech guy). Occasionally misses his cues or forgets to turn his mic off. Generally stays backstage until he, too, must substitute as the leading lady. He has an American Accent.

ON STAGE CREW the Cornley Polytechnic stage crew





AUDITIONS: Sunday, March 10 at 2pm and Monday, March 11 at 7pm

PERFORMANCES: May 31, June 1-2 & 6-9, 2024

DIRECTOR: Chris Koslosky

This marks the premiere of Bridge, the first play written by Reggie Barton of New York.  The play has been heard in three staged readings before now, but has never before been presented on stage.

“Bridge” takes a look at the “what if” of a group of bridge playing women who discover that the new fourth in their group is transgender.  How they handle the news is reflective of their individual personalities and the biases and misunderstandings of society as a whole, according to Barton.  A fifth character, the youngest of the group, shows the others a new way to think about the idea of being “different.”

are as follows:

MARY TODD – effortlessly exuberant, socially and civically prominent

FRANCES – intelligent; a bit reserved; somewhat dry wit

JANIE – early-mid 80’s; a generation older than the others; wry and loves to tease

*SALLY ST. JAMES – stylish, intelligent, cordial, well-traveled and accomplished. New to the bridge group, she reveals she is transgender.

JAMES (“J-PAT”) – early 20’s; son of MARY TODD; he has an intellectual disability.

*transgender actress highly preferred for this role.

Auditions will take place on Sunday, March 10 at 2 pm and Monday, March 11 at 7 pm, and will consist of cold reads from the script.  Please sign up in advance on the theater’s website,  Callbacks will be held on Wednesday, March 13 if needed, and casting should be complete by the weekend.  Rehearsals are scheduled to begin the following week, and will consist of 2 hours per night 7 – 9, for 4 nights.  The nights (Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu will be determined by the preferences and convenience of the cast.

Any questions, please feel free to contact director Chris Koslosky at (717) 269-3011 or



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