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Auditions for the comedy FOUR WEDDINGS AND AN ELVIS will be held on November 1 and 2 at 7pm.
Details are below.

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Four Weddings & An Elvis


7:00 pm November 1 & 2, callbacks on November 3 if needed

CAST: 4 female, 6 male

Ages indicated are guidelines, not set in stone. All adults are encouraged to audition.

Sandy – (female 40s-60s) The wedding chapel owner.  4x-married, 3x-divorced, often sarcastic owner of a wedding chapel in Las Vegas.

Bev – (female 30s-40s) The angry bride. Recently dumped, Bev is intent on a revenge marriage, but with the benefit of actually loving Stan, the man she is using to get even.

Stan – (male 30s-40s) The angry groom. Although he still carries a torch for his ex-wife, he is determined to marry Bev, the ex of the guy who got his gal. This actor also plays the producer in act 4.

John – (male 30s-50s able to reasonably impersonate Elvis) The Elvis minister who works at the chapel next door: He is able to play Elvis at the drop of a sequined scarf, but has a sensitive, non-cynical side.

Vanessa – (female 50s-60s, willing to appear on stage in a full slip) The aging and arrogant, but still glamorous, bride. A fading actress who saw her glory days in a surfing spy sitcom.

Bryce – (male 50s-60s, willing to appear on stage in boxers) The aging and arrogant groom, still handsome. A fading actor who wants to capture his bygone days when he starred as a surfing spy on TV.

  Lou – (male 60s-80s) The temp minister. A quirky former Elvis minister who has been around the wedding chapel business for a long time…perhaps too long.

Fiona – (female 20s-30s) The tough ex-con bride.  Fiona never got a chance to make life work – bad home life, poor choice in friends, even worse choice in boyfriends, now recently paroled and united with her pen pal love, Marvin.

Marvin – (male 20s-40s) Fiona’s groom, a gentle nerdy postal worker. Well versed in zip codes and postal regulations, Marvin knows to look on the inside and past the tattoos for an eternal companion.

Fist – (male 20s-40s) Tough, intimidating, escaped convict and ex-boyfriend of Fiona.

BUSTER: .Chris Drinkit       
PAUL SHELDON: Gordon Einhorn  
ANNIE WILKES: Christina Ausherman  


RALPHIE: Ethan Beckman
OLD MAN: Matt Setzer
MOTHER: Lindy Keefe
RANDY: Emmett Duncan
JEAN SHEPARD: Chris Drinket
MISS SHIELDS: Samantha TImothy
SCHWARTZ: Adam Sweeney

FLICK: Malakai Wolf
SKUT FARKUS: Donovan Molloy
GROVER DILL: Elliot Duncan
MARY BETH: Elizabeth Richey
ESTHER JANE: Jayda Segal
SANTA: Evan Tinsman

Kaitlyn Ball
Daniya Jackson
Lauren Kutz
Tony Mercado
Donovan Molloy
Danielle Paredes
Grace Richey
Emma Rikas
McKenna Spangler

Matt Bahn
Brock Cheek
Drew Derreth
David Fortunato
Matthew Oyler
James Manjo
Tony Mercado (Tech Dancer)
Donovan Molloy (Tech Dancer)
Keshawn Moore
Jeff Tierno
Evan Tinsman (Santa)

Emily Beckman
Carly Boyle
Astrid Galemore
Daniya Jackson (Tech Dancer)
Lauren Kutz (Tech Dancer)
Danielle Paredes (Tech Dancer)
Grace Richey (Tech Dancer)

Emma Rikas (Tech Dancer)
McKenna Spangler (Tech Dancer)
Mia Winston

Amelia Fortunato
Alyssa Schreiner
Lorelei Drinkit
McKenna Speed
Amy Pendergast
Elizabeth Richey (Mary Beth)
Jayda Segal (Esther Jane)
Marlie Woofter

Oliver Cheek
Elliot Duncan (Grover Dill)
Emmet Duncan (Randy)
Donovan Molloy (Skut Farkus)
Jack Pendergast
Adam Sweeney (Schwartz)
Malakai Wolf (Flick)
And Then There Were None

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